TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Router €40.00


To ensure a good internet connection you can now buy this Wireless Dual Band Router from us. This wireless router with its 4 antennas provides a fast connection for worry-free streaming, gaming, watching online movies. With this router you can use several devices at the same time without interference. The strong 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) Wi-Fi band is perfect for sending emails, surfing the web and listening to music. The crystal 5 GHz Wi-Fi band provides perfect HD quality for games and movies.
Tenants need their own router in the following properties:

* Bonnefanten Maastricht
* Ariensplein Enschede
* Lutherse Burgwal The Hague
* Phoenixstraat Delft
* Eisenhouwerlaan The Hague

* Peperstraat Venlo
* Spoorstraat Venlo

Order directly when you book your studio and take advantage of the discount

Package B: XIOR Starter package €45.00

Xior Starters Package
2 breakfast plate porcelain 22.5 cm
2 plate deep porcelain 26.5 cm
2 Plate flat porcelain 24 cm
2 porcelain mug 38cl
2 Table knife
2 Table fork
2 Table spoon
2 Teaspoon
2 Potato peeler
2 Beer glass stackable 28cl
2 Wineglass 20cl
2 Long drink glass 27cl
2 Compote scale / Dessert scale 11x11

Package C: XIOR Cleaning package €50.00

Dishwash brush
Dish towel
Kitchen towel
Cleaning wipes (8 pieces)
Soft broom with wooden handle
Plastic sweeper and tin
Garbage can square 50 L

Pakket A: XIOR Linen package | bed: 90x200 or 140x200 €85.00

Xior Linen Package
Linen package in carrying bag with the following products:
1 quilt 140x200
1 white duvet cover set 140x200 100% cotton
2 pillows
2 white pillowcases 100% cotton
1 white fitted sheet 90x200 or 140x200 100% cotton